BlockchAngel Challenge

We are looking for blockchain solutions against violence to women, children and the elderly, aggravated during confinement by COVID-19.

What we look for

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations states that sustainable development is not possible without gender equality. To move steadily towards this path, it is essential to stop violence, abuse and harassment in the intra-family environment, aggravated during confinement by COVID-19.

In the context of LACChain alliance, the Inter-American Development Bank and the everis foundation are looking for projects that use blockchain technology to prevent, mitigate and control violence, harassment and abuse of women, children, and the elderly in the Latin American region and the Caribbean.

Beyond the serious impact of the coronavirus, currently nearly 300 million children are victims of some type of violent discipline by their caregivers. Around 15 million teenagers have been victims of forced sex. One in 10 elder people has suffered abuse. And more than 8,000 women have been murdered under the figure of feminicide in Latin America the last two years.

This challenge can involve entrepreneurs, companies, startups, NGOs, foundations, etc., either individually or in a consortium, with proposals that are at least in the prototyping phase (minimum viable product or equivalent) and in advanced stages of development or in the marketing phase, and that provide solutions in the following áreas:

Preventive level

"No more vulnerability"

Recording of antisocial or violent behavior, detection of risk factors associated with violence and crime, and geolocation of people in vulnerable situations.

Action level

"No more impunity"

Use of blockchain technology for the online record and report of crimes once these occur, with full legal validity, once the crime has occurred.

Control level

"No more stigma"

Identification of victims with respect to their privacy and levels of vulnerability that allow the corresponding care protocols to be triggered.

Restorative level

"No more solitude"

Online complementary anonymized assistance and care to victims that allows for an adequate social reintegration.


IDB Lab is the innovation laboratory of the IDB Group, the main source of financing and knowledge for development focused on improving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The purpose of the IDB Lab is to promote innovation for inclusion in the region, mobilize financing, knowledge, and connections for the co-creation of solutions to transform the lives of populations that are vulnerable due to economic, social, or environmental factors.

LACChain is a regional IDB Lab program that was born with the purpose of accompanying and accelerating the development of the blockchain ecosystem, seeking to maximize the social impact that technology has the potential to offer. For that, the IDB Laboratory has established an alliance with many of the large entities that works with blockchain technology worldwide.

The everis foundation is a non-profit organization, constituted to carry out, among other purposes, the development, support, promotion, promotion and advice, at all levels and grades, of business or research initiatives or projects, of a character innovative, that are strategic, scalable, sustainable and socially responsible.


The winning projects will receive a comprehensive package of economic, business and technological support from the Organizers.

Access to LACChain

The winning Project will enjoy free, open and preferential access to the infrastructures promoted by LACChain. The holder(s) of the winning Project will obtain a credential that guarantees their condition as winner(s) and grant access to these infrastructures. This benefit will be equally awarded to the two consecutively best valued projects.

Support and technical assistance

The winning Project and the two best valued projects may benefit from advice and technical assistance provided by the IDB or the rest of partners in LACChain through different programs and services promoted by the IDB for the development of ecosystems linked to LACCHain.

Besides, everis Foundation will collaborate with the winning project and the two best valued projects with a package of counselling services provided by i-deals (an everis Group company specializing in technological entrepreneurship).

As part of the advice and technical assistance, a series of "Sprints" will be organized, which will allow the members of the winning projects to be part of a co-creation process, joined by experts from LACChain's technology team, experts in the field of domestic violence, blockchain technology companies, audiovisual companies and entities that address the issue of violence.

Support from IDB for obtaining funding

In addition to this, the winning Project and the two best valued projects will be pre-qualified and will have the opportunity to submit an IDB-LAB project for co-financing.

Support for dissemination and promotion

The winning Project and the two best valued projects will be part of the global innovation network of the IDB Group, set up to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices. This network offers great opportunities to take part in regional networking events related to the IDB Group.

The call is closed

It finished on August 31, 2020


Release date March 10th 2020
Submission of proposals March 10th 2020 – August 31th 2020
Closing date for submission of proposals August 31th 2020 at 23:59h EST
Notice to semi-finalists September 14st 2020
Presentation before a jury of experts (Pitching) September 30th 2020
Announcement of the winners October 7th 2020
Start of the "Sprints" October 9th 2020


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